"Friend bring more happiness in life.. Trust, share and loyal is the of friendship"

i made this quote for my friends... WHY???

Because when we TRUST our friends, automaticly, they will trust us.. beside, they also can believe when they need to tell a story, their strongly believes that we can keep the story safely, unless if they open up the the story and tell to other people.. they can't blame us if anything happen, because they know and believe that we wouldn't break their trust and believe..

Because when we SHARE our problem, they would know that we need someone to be our side.. WHY?? that is a duty of a friend.. a good friend should be also a good listener, also be a good counselor.. when a friend have a problem or maybe some kind of dilemma, the other friend should be there for their friend.. if that friend can't be a good listener or good counselor, at least that can stay beside the other friend, so, the other friend feel comfortable with the situation, and they that their friends always be there for them in any condition of sadness, happiness..

Because when we LOYAL to our friends, they will think that we'll not betray them from their back. In other word, LOYALTY mean SETIA laa.. [ meaning in BAHASA ^^,]
i put the word loyalty as the key of friendship as the combination word of TRUST and SHARE.. when we TRUST and SHARE with our friends, it'll prove that we are a LOYAL friend..

They'll love you as you love them...

p/s: in this fasting month, i should post about my fasting or anything corelated.. but i post about friend.. just now, i miss all my friends.. especially my friend's DDC [diba, nou, zati, jieji, lann fizan.. rindu ngn perangai giler korang..haha] , nur faezah md. arshad [rindu ngn kesewelan bersama] , nur hidayah fadzil [ bkongsi sume crite2 bile kene tinggal brdua kt rumah sewe] and mana nama yang xde dlm senarai tu, mintak maaf.. aku xpernah lupe korang sume... trust me...